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Online Sex Dates are Easier Than Your Think

Before the Internet, it was very hard to get laid. Seriously. You had to go to a single’s bar, or go to a gym. The problem with these places is that it’s crawling with other guys. Worst of all, there are many highly competitive guys who try to crowd around women who aren’t interested in them. These guys then drive away other guys who might have a better shot with these women. There are all sorts of Darwinian and animalistic behaviors involved in such arrangements. In many cases, it’s like walking into a sausage factory. There’s just so many dicks and not enough holes. I hope you know what I’m saying. It was really crazy.
Thanks to the Internet, all that is gone. You can say good-bye to all of that. Thanks to the rise of specialized adult dating sites, getting online sex dates have never been easier. It’s all a matter of just joining the right websites and playing the numbers game properly.
Pay attention to what I just said. I said, “Playing the numbers game properly.” You might think that the numbers game usually refers only to the stock market or casinos. Wrong. It applies to online dating. This is especially the case with online sex dating or adult dating.
If you want to get dates that only revolve around sex and only involve sex, you need to play the numbers games properly. This means you need to reach out to as many female profiles as possible.
However, you shouldn’t just rush out there and just send out a message to just any female profile in a site’s database. You have to play it the smart way. You have to run a filter to make sure that the person has logged in fairly recently. You don’t want to waste all your time and effort chasing after somebody who has moved on. Maybe she got married or her husband found out or whatever the case may be, she’s no longer in the game.